Monday, January 9, 2017

update on fostering...

Another thing that has changed but stayed the same for our family since I last blogged is foster care. We felt called about 4 years ago to begin taking foster kiddos into our home and it continues to bless our family as we provide a safe, loving home for different children. We have fostered 6 different kids so far and currently have a wonderful little girl living with us as she waits for her forever home.We have also been able to help others and do respite care for quite a few little ones for a few days up to a week.

It's not always easy and dealing with "the system" couldn't BE anymore frustrating, but we have to remind ourselves that we don't do this for DHS or even for the parents, we do it for the kids. It's totally not their fault that they drew the short straw on parents. I get so fed up with these parents that only think of themselves. We visited with our kiddo's attorney this week and he said it best as he was talking to our little one, "I don't want to sound rude, but I really don't care what you mom wants. She's a grown up and has had years to make her choices. I care what YOU want." This is exactly how we feel. It's not fair that our little one has been here over a year waiting for her mom to get her act together. It's too long for a child (or anyone) to live in limbo. We have some big decisions being made in her case this month and appreciate all the prayers you can spare. She's an awesome kid, who deserves way better than to live in foster care, even if we are a pretty fun place to live - ha. We are temporary and she knows it. She was asking me one night if we could adopt her and then said, "Oh wait, you all just foster." (Insert my heartbreaking in a million pieces!) Yes, baby, we just foster. :(

The kids made our family picture this week and nailed it.

I was looking back on here to see when we actually started "just fostering" and saw this post about our little Buzz. Funny that I said I had just met his grandparents and already liked them. Today, almost 3 years later, I just got off the phone with Memaw, who has now become family. I don't like them...I love them!! We got to see another little one for Christmas and I talk to her mom several times a week still. I love it!! Our very first foster daughter was only with us for 10 days but her grandma still texts me a few times a year with updates. I'm so thankful!

Fostering has definitely grown our family, and not just through the kid's and their families. It's also grown through the foster community. We have several friends that foster that we have grown closer to over these years. It's nice to be able to talk to people in the same situations as us who get it. We also have wonderful friends that don't foster but love the heck out of our fosters with us. This isn't an easy road to be on so it's nice to have friends on it with us.

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