Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cleanse - day 4

WooHoo! One more day...I think I can, I think I can. I was so excited to be down 1.8 pounds this morning (3.2 total) that I didn't even complain too much about having to get up early to get my pill and drink in before church. I've found that in the morning, about 20 minutes after I drink the shake/NingXia, I need to not be driving somewhere or out in public...better to get everything cleaned out at home, if ya know what I mean. The other two "meals" don't hit me like this but the morning seems to this time around.

Today is the day that I just can't make myself drink this anymore without holding my nose. It's me, not you, yummy drink. ha

All was well today. I did the afternoon sunflower seed snack like yesterday because it worked so well yesterday. ha I also mixed my after lunch NingXia Red with a couple of ounces of kefir. Yumming!!

I spent an hour or so today looking up healthy (or healthier than we are used to!!) meals and making a menu and shopping list. Hubby will pick up the groceries tomorrow and we will be ready to start eating better Tuesday morning. I'm so glad I pushed through and didn't wimp out on this like I wanted to several times. Finishing something is a good thing!

4 days down. ONE TO GO!!

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