Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cleanse - Day 5

Boy am I glad this is only a 5 day cleanse. I don't think I could push through many more days! Down .2 this morning again like on day 3. I'll wait to publish this post until I weigh in tomorrow morning for the total. I'm so surprised that I don't wake up hungry or get hungry during the day. I really have to remind myself to drink the Balance Complete. Crazy!

Big day today...finished these:

Wahoo - that means the end is in sight.  Hubby brought home some little apples today that looked so good so I ate one of those, otherwise, I stuck with the no snack plan. It's weird to not be hungry! I've learned how much I snack out of boredom or just mindlessly. I'm not hungry, just want to grab something as I walk by. Total habit and not need. I'm thankful for this week to make me aware of that!

I also realized how much of our life centers around food. I didn't feel like sitting with the family and watching them eat each night so busied myself other places and missed out on sitting with the family and eating/talking with them each night. I'm ready to get back to that now. We made a menu and have a plan to keep eating healthy and keep working out. This isn't a 5 day fix of all your eating/health/weight problems. ha

OK, final weigh in this morning was another .2 pounds gone. Total of 3.6 pounds and a good start on getting back to my goal. I'd like to lose 5-10 more pounds before our trip. I started this am writing down what I eat. I did this a few years ago and the accountability of having to write it all down makes me stop and think before grabbing a handful of peanut butter filled pretzels just because I was walking by the kitchen. HA. I have a few meals left of the Balance Complete so after taking a few days break, I'll add those in for one meal a day until it's gone so I don't waste it or have it taking up space on top of the fridge for years.

Thanks to those that followed along and encouraged me to keep going. And thanks to my family for being understanding when I was griping about keeping going. lol. I'm glad I stuck it out and finished it. And enjoyed my oatmeal for breakfast this morning more than I probably should have. ;o)

If you want to try this cleanse for yourself, let me know and I'll help you get started and cheer you on as you go! The set is still out of stock but the individual products are each in stock so I imagine it will be back soon. Or you can get them individually and I'll send you the info for the plan.

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