Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cleanse - Day 1

I think I'll blog about this the next few days. When I was deciding if I was going to do it, I searched for other bloggers who had done it and enjoyed reading about their experience.

So...Day one....Let's do this!

Woke up at 1 am starving. I know the hunger is all mental as I generally don't have a midnight or 1am snack. Also I was signing Taylor Swift's "Mean" in my head, but that's not really related or important, just randomness.   Woke at 4am with Shirley Temple's "Animal Crackers in my Soup" song on repeat in my  brain. This relates a little more to this post than the first song but both show that I clearly have issues. Hahaha. Slept terribly, but woke at 8:07 with my alarm (I know exactly how many minutes we need to get little miss ready for the bus and don't get up a minute too early!)  and was fine, and ready to tiredly start this day.

Took my first Digest and Cleanse pill at 8:30 with a Yeti full of water and got ready for the day. Had my first shake at 9:15 and the first taste was a wave of "oh yeah....the cleanse." haha. The flavor isn't bad, but isn't a chocolate milkshake from Braums or anything. I'm super dooper picky and the taste doesn't bother me. Last time I did it, I added in a drop or two of citrus oil to mix it up after the first day because I get bored. Washed it down with 2 oz NingXia and went on my way.

I had a ton of errands to run today and Paige and I didn't get home until about 1. I took the pill then and by 1:30, I was ready for my Balance Complete! Maybe that's the trick...make sure you are really hungry. ha I'm allergic to almonds so use rice milk in mine. Sometimes I mixed it 1/2 rice milk and 1/2 water when I accidentally bought the vanilla rice milk. The Balance Complete is sweet enough without adding sweet milk. With the unsweetened, it's really good. And NingXia is something I drink everyday normally and love so it's a treat to get to drink it all day instead of just once a day like I normally do. :)

OK - my tummy has been pretty noisy this afternoon/evening but no...ahem....trouble and I feel fine. I had my last pill, drink, and NR for the day about 6:30 and am feeling good. I picked up a few legal snack things today in case I need them but I'm not going to jump into it just because I can.

I upgraded from drinking it straight from the Blender Bottle and poured it into a glass for dinner. Fancy. Trying to shake things up a bit to keep from being bored. ha

Thoughts from the day...While I feel fine and am not starving or anything, I'm kinda already over this. One thing I notice is how often during the day I normally snack. Just grabbing a chip or few chocolate chips (yum!!) as I walk through the kitchen. Every. Time.

I don't drink pop/coffee/tea. I don't eat big meals. But I do snack all freaking day long. When I'm bored, I snack. When I'm happy, I snack. When I'm not happy, I snack. haha. It's really not a big snack either...just a bite of something here or there and here and there and here again. Man, I like snacks. So for now, I'm back chomping ice and going to push through. Hopefully this will break the snacking habit again for a while.

One day down....Four to go.

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