Friday, January 27, 2017

Cleanse - day 2

The first thing on my mind when I woke today was "I wonder if I lost any weight yesterday?!?" Ha. I did! 1.2 pounds down. That gives me the motivation to do this again today. I know the goal is to be healthy and toxin free, but seeing the scale budge in the right direction helps keep me going.

Quick summary of the day...

Up and had pill and delicious breakfast of a Balance Complete shake and NingXia Red. Yum. Ugh. I remember day two last time where I chose to just skip a shake bc I couldn't make myself swallow it. I'm there again. I'd rather just not, but I will keep doing it. I'm not hungry at all this morning and my tummy finally stopped making freaky, alien sounds sometime in the night. Woohoo.

Yesterday, I didn't work out at all but today decided to see how it goes. I did 20 minutes of taebo, but not high cardio (10 minutes butt/legs and 10 minutes abs). Still feeling good.

Ran errands with Trenton today. I felt good until part way through his shoe shopping. Oops. I should have waited longer after "eating lunch" before running around. Came home and took an hour nap and felt better.

Dinner was same-same and I had a cup of grapes while watching TV and waiting up for all the kiddos to get home tonight. Not that I was hungry, but more that I was bored. Lol.

2 days down....3 to go. Almost 1/2 way done. I like how quick this is!!

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