Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I thought I'd never do a cleanse...

And here I am about to start one again. I did the Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse back in September and survived....and didn't even have to spend the 5 days in the bathroom, which was always my excuse to not cleanse - that's one train I didn't want to start, for fear it would never stop! My family tends towards digestive issues and I was scared if I forced things, it would start something in motion that I couldn't reverse. Yikes! (tmi?)

I was pleasantly surprised when I had no tummy trouble at all during this 5 days. It's totally gentle. I was able to go about my normal life and wasn't stuck at home. Ain't nobody got time for that! I felt great actually. I wasn't tired. I don't think I was more cranky that any normal day - ha - might need to check with the hubby and kids to verify that one though. I really wasn't even hungry. I think I did the optional snacks maybe 3 times in the 5 days. It says you can do it between each meal if needed but I was so full from the protein drink that I never needed it.

My only complaint was that I missed chewing my meals...thankfully I was pretty anemic for the last few years and ate ice like it was a paid job (like I literally bought a 20 pound bag of my favorite ice and singlehandedly finished it every 4-5 days. I never left the house without ice. I would take a cup of it in the shower even. I was an addict. It wasn't pretty.), so I was able to crunch away whenever I wanted to. Currently, I have my body back full of iron and can't understand how I ate so much ice the last two years. Man, I was a weirdo! I don't eat it at all now. I might have to try this week though to get my chewing fix.

Also, I normally take MultiGreens every day and I need to reread, but I'm not sure I can take it this week. It's in my pic, but I might have to skip it, which I do think gives me more energy normally. But I can have NingXia Nitro, which I like too, for a energy boost.

Why am I cleansing, you ask?

Well, let me just tell you.

The good/PC answer is: I want to sort of reset my body. This cleanse gives your body a break from foods to allow your digestive system to clear out all the toxins that get stored up from our everyday life. What we eat, breath, wear, etc can fill us up with toxins. This clears those out and resets things to start back working normally.

The truth is: We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in May and going on a cruise. I want to jump start the weight loss that I keep meaning to do before I have to (get to) swimsuit up. Last time, I lost 5 pounds and haven't put that back on. I'm hopeful that I'll lost another 5 and can keep adding on with better diet and exercise and get to where I want to be before our trip and before summer.

I'd love to lost 10-15 pounds in the next 100 days and be back at my fighting weight, as they say. I know I'd feel better and have more energy and it would be nice to be able to fit in the clothes that are filling 1/2 my closet that I refuse to get rid of just yet. #denial I think I can do it if I stay focused. Paige and I had been doing Tae-Bo (yes...from like 1990, but I love it!) but slacked off the last few weeks. I started that back tonight and will keep that up. Caleb is teaching me some weight lifting things to help tone this old body. He was saying the other day that he has put on 9 pounds since joining the gym for Christmas...not exactly a selling point to most, but he's pumped. He's a machine. I made him promise that he's going to help me go the other way. If I gain 9 pound this month, I'm going to be ticked! He's great at researching and loves working out and weight training and I love him, so enjoying that he's helping me.

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