Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cleanse - day 3

Today was such a fun day! Karen Hopkins, Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living, offered a free class to learn how to give the Raindrop Technique. This is something I've wanted to learn how to do for a LONG time so I jumped on the chance and two friends and I spent the morning and early afternoon learning. So much fun that I forgot to be hungry or anything. lol.

She talked about how digestion takes up so much of our body's energy. This renewed my will to finish this cleanse and keep giving my digestive system this little break so my body can aim that energy other places.

I did the normal cleanse protocol all day, except that she gave us NingXia Zyng and Nitro and it would have been rude to not drink it. ;o) I  normally drink Zyng every morning and have been missing it this week. It's a fairly new product to YL so I bet if they redo their cleanse protocol, they will allow it since they allow NingXia Red and Nitro...or so I'm telling myself so I don't feel like a cheater, cheater, Zyng drinker.

I also had the afternoon snack today of sunflower seeds....just because I could. ;o)

Down .2 pounds this morning so I striped and weighed was the same. ha Better than up .2 pounds I guess. LOL!!

Officially over 1/2 way done! 3 days down, 2 to go! Not going to stop now!

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