Saturday, January 21, 2017


This has been a busy week and I've already slacked on blogging (it's harder when Big Daddy is home and he's been off all week...I'll do better.). But one thing I didn't want to skip over, so we have it in our memories later.

Our new President was sworn in yesterday. #45 There has been an insane amount of drama surrounding this day and the days (months) leading up to it, but all that aside...our nation has a new President and that's a pretty big event.

I'm not sure why, but we haven't ever sat down as a family and watched the inaugural day events in the past. Maybe it was the day of the week (Fridays are lighter school days for us) or that Caleb and Big Daddy were both home, or that we were just really curious how it would all go down this year, but whatever the reason, we all plopped down on the bed and watched.

And talked.

And learned - thank you, Siri, for helping me answer many of the questions that I didn't know, including the age difference between between the POTUS and FLOTUS, which was asked - ha. Also, did you see how the White House staff busts their tails during the inauguration to move one family out and one family in in a matter of hours? I'd like them to come help us if we ever move!

We talked about nation's history and our nation's future. It was good, even if the first time Trenton was impressed was when the Obamas boarded the sweet helicopter - that got his attention and he wants to fly that one day! (not fly IN that...he wants to pilot it!)

We pray that President Trump will lead our nation on a good path, surrounding himself with wise and Godly people.

Regardless of your opinion on President Trump as a human, please pray for OUR President. He's what we have now and being cranky pants over it won't change that, so let's pray that he impresses us all and truly does makes America great. As Americans, that happens to benefit us greatly and we can use this to bless others. ;)

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