Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life this week...

Random thoughts from our week.

Captain C started feeling poorly this week, just tired, headache, low fever, sore throat. He has a youth conference this weekend so I thought I'd get him checked for strep on Thursday. Thinking that if it was strep, he would have 24 hours on an antibiotic and be good to go for Friday. No such luck. Flu A. Bummer. Poor kid has been looking forward to this weekend for a month and is so disappointed. Big Daddy is a sponsor so still had to go, which kinda stinks too :( We are praying that no one else gets this and he is better asap. We passed on the Tamiflu, and opted to keep taking Berry Well instead. So far so good.

We received our first TOS Review items for the new year and are busy researching and using them. I love the variety this has brought to our homeschool. I tend to find a great new curriculum and jump right in for a month or so, then get bored with it. This keeps bring new and fun things into our classes and we all are enjoying it. Watch for the first review in the next few weeks ;)

Our foster care classes are winding down, well, we are 2/3 done. YAY! That sounds so much better than saying we have 9 hours left to go. Ugh! 27 hours is a lot of training, and I still am not feeling prepared. I'm thinking that a lot of this will be on the job training though probably. Our 2nd homestudy was scheduled for yesterday, but we had to cancel it because of the flu. Hope to get it made up early next week and get this wrapped up. They know more about us than we do at this point. Yikes.

It struck me this week that good friendships are priceless. It is so worth it to forgive when needed, talk it out when needed, laugh (at yourself?) when needed, and even cry when needed (though I don't recommend this one in public if you are an ugly crier like me). I am blessed with some VERY good friends and am so thankful for them.

Terrific T is always wanting to sleep with us. We let him a couple of weeks ago, and about midnight I slid out from between a snoring Big Daddy and a kick boxing T and slept on the couch! He has been counting the days until Big D will be at the youth conference so he could sleep with me again. He brought down his new comforter and made it into a "sleeping bag" on the bed, and climbed in. In his jeans. He has always slept in whatever he is wearing and it seems so odd to me, but not worth a fight. We quit buying him jammies years ago since he wouldn't wear them. He likes to sleep in jeans. Last night I asked him why and he said, "It is tough to get comfy when you are so boney." LOL! Maybe the jeans add some padding to his boney little legs? I don't know but I thought that was funny.

Our CC group declared last Monday to be Jersey Day...wear your favorite team jersey/colors in honor of the Super Bowl. Big Daddy was proud...and Yes, I was there too.

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  1. So sorry about the flu! Get well Captain C!

  2. Sorry about the flu, especially if it caused him to miss the youth weekend!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award:

  3. Poo for the flu! Get better soon, Leslie!


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