Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We haven't had a good snow here in years and we were ready! Captain C spent the night with a friend last night and I'm sure he is having a blast playing in the show with him today. T and P spent a couple of hours playing outside today between subjects - lol. Another perk of homeschooling is getting to have extended recess for special occasions.

Here are a few shots from this morning of my cuties.


And Yes, I was there too... least long enough to take pictures then hide inside by the fire ;)


  1. That is a lot of snow Leslie! I love the pictures. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks! They had a blast and it is snowing hard right now. It's really wet though so will likely just be an inch thick sheet of ice in the morning :(

  2. You'll have to search, but I'm there!


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