Friday, February 8, 2013

See you soon...

So....since that last post, Captain C gave me the sweet gift of the flu. He is so generous to not hog it all himself. We spent a lot of quality time in bed watching Netflix together, doing minimal amounts of school, and going through boxes and boxes of Kleenex. Ahhh...good times :)

All that to say....Give me a couple of days and I'll come up with something clever to post. Right now, I'm playing catchup on everything around here (apparently the maid had the flu too - shoot!) and get to spend the whole day tomorrow making up the last two foster classes we missed this week. On the up side, only one more to go after this and we will be DONE! yahoo.

Have a great weekend! See you soon....

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  1. Get well friend! I've been praying the flu away from us and everyone this year, so sorry that you have it now. :(


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