Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mammaw, Princess P, and Painting

One week ago today, a wonderful lady went home to see her Lord and Savior face to face...and also got to see her husband who passed away 15 years ago. Big Daddy's Mammaw was a wonderful, Godly woman, whom I am honored to have known for the last 16 years. She was always smiling and loved her family.She was kind and accepting and the best cook in Oklahoma! Big Daddy commented at her funeral that you never left her house hungry, and he wasn't kidding. She always made sure everyone left her home stuffed full. She was so caring and a wonderful hostess. I could learn a lot from her - that is so not my gift!

She lived 95 years on this earth and went Home peacefully last Sunday. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends, but we are looking forward to the day we will see her again! It takes some of the pain out of losing a loved one when you know they are saved and where they are now.

I tried to always take a picture of her with the kids when we saw her. Here is the last one I have, from about a month ago.  I'll treasure this one for ever.

 We love you, Mammaw, and will see you soon!

Also this week, Princess P turned 8. She is beautiful and caring and such a giver. A friend gave her $10 for her birthday and she immediately said, "Yay! Money for straws." Our CC is collecting money to purchase straws for Water is Life. A group from our church is going to Kenya in June and will get to take the straws, that the kids sign, with them and hand them out. Very cool. I thought it was super sweet that she didn't think of toys for herself, but of water for those that don't have it. I love her so much! Her birthday wasn't overly exciting. She went to work with me (and I snapped this picture while they were changing the kiddos' diaper) and we hung around here, then she went to play practice that night. She is going to have a friend come over this week and spend the night and get pedicures (her choice). She wasn't feeling well yesterday so we had to put it off for a bit.

She still wasn't feeling great today so Big Daddy took the boys to church and I stayed here with her. I figured I'd take the "extra" time and start painting her room. We are almost ready to start hosting foster kids and have requested girls so they can share a room with P. We had to rearrange all their rooms and got new bedding, etc. She wanted turquoise here we go!

We also had Valentine's Day, final foster class, and home study mixed in our crazy week. For V-Day, C made us heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, P went to a party at a friends so I took the boys out for a lunch date. Then on to art and Big Daddy brought me home a Hershey bouquet (much better than flowers - lol!) and Napolis for dinner. It was a perfect day.

Were you?


  1. That is a totally posed shot ... NOBODY looks that good painting!!! You don't even have it in your hair! :)

    1. HAHAHA! I had just started...I'm covered now ;) And I had gotten up and showered and got ready for church before p came down saying she was sick. So the makeup had a purpose besides for the blog ;)

  2. I'm sorry for your loss, but what a blessing to KNOW there will come a day when you'll see her again.

    That blue is beautiful!

    And a Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. I find my girls are so loving and giving that they teach me all if the time.

    So much to say!!! :)

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. What a sweet lady, and you wrote such beautiful words about her. Yes, you will cherish that photo forever. Hugs to all of you! Also, I love P's heart and the story about the straws. She is precious! It always warms my heart to hear stories of kids who want to give, instead of wanting for themselves.


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