Friday, January 4, 2013

Yes, I was there too! v2.0

In 2009, I had a blog called, "Yes, I was there too!" In that blog, I posted a picture of the kids each week (shocker), but included ME in each picture so the kids could look back one day and know that I was, indeed, a part of their lives. I take tons of pictures of the kids, but hate having my own picture taken. I'm way too critical of myself and hate being in pics. In 2010, I changed the name and theme, but continued to try to intentionally be IN pictures.

So, here we go again...stepping out of my comfort zone some more, and reviving this idea. I plan to try to talk as many people into joining me in this as I can. Will YOU join me? Commit to post a picture that has you in it - once a week - all year long. After I finished 2009's blog, I had it bound into a book through (love them - they "slurp" your blog and you just have to go back and edit it and print it!). It is fun to look back through that book now and see how much the kids have grown, my hair has changed, we have all aged, etc.

SO, without further ado, here is 1/52....Me and Mr T. He had just returned from playing with a friend and I had missed him so much. He says he doesn't love kisses, but I give them anyway.

I think he's lying. Clearly he is loving this! ;) 

Love this boy so much!

OH - I think I managed to add a linky to this post so you can link up your post with your picture. YAY! Let's see if it works. Who will be first?


  1. Okay...I can't promise I will get one every week, but I will try. I am exactly the same way..I rarely am "in" any photos with Bella (and it's too late to be in weekly shots with my kids which now sounds very sad!) So I will start this with little Miss B. EXCELLENT idea, Obi Wan (you are my teacher, my Friend!)!!

    1. YAY! I'm so pumped you are joining me and looking forward to seeing your pics :)

  2. what a great idea :) Think I will need to use my tripod more :)

    1. I have had a photog biz for 6 years and still don't have a tripod - haha! I prop it up on the table or hand it to another kid to take the picture. C took these for me - I was trying to get a picture of us both looking but he caught these instead. Fun to see what you end up with. Glad you are going to join us!


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