Sunday, January 6, 2013

blog through the alphabet {p}

P is, of course, for Princess P! 

This week, I read "The Princess and the Kiss" to her for the first time and we started working through the study guide. It is a great book about Purity for little girls. It is cool that she can relate to this story since she really is a princess. And I don't mean just our princess, she is God's Princess, a daughter of The King of Kings. How cool is that?!?

Here are a few snaps from today of Princess P. We switched the kids' rooms around this week and they all got new bedding. She still has T's blue walls, but this is her new comforter. She wanted all pink originally, but said she doesn't know what color "the girl" (what she is calling the future foster kids) would like best so got a colorful one :)

From before we even heard "It's a Girl!", we have loved her with all our hearts. She has brought a whole new dynamic to our family of boys and I thank God for her! She is Pretty, Precious, Playful, Polite, full of Personality, and is Priceless to our family. And some non-P words - she is determined, generous, smart, loving, kind, and hilarious. We love you, Princess P, and are thankful God Provided us the Privilege of Participating in your upbringing :)

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  1. I just love Princess P! I can tell she is spunky and fun, and she is just adorable. I love what she said about the future foster child. :)


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