Monday, January 21, 2013

I was there too....4/52

This week is going to be crazy, so I'm posting now, while I have a chance. I hate having things to do in the evenings and we have something ever single night this week - ugh. Anyway...

Terrific T and Princess P started an art class this week. Their teacher seems so sweet and really seems to love the Lord. At their first lesson, they learned that they are made in God's image, and since He is an artist (the Great Artist!), they are artists too. They learned to draw self portraits and did a great job.

Their homework is to draw three more self portraits, making one serious, one happy, and one silly. They both chose to do their silly one first. T was getting frustrated at first so I jumped in to join them, figuring they would at least do better than me. We laughed and laughed when I drew my mouth and I looked like I was ready to eat some children, or when my nose looked like I had major boogers coming out. Totally lightened the mood and it was a blast.

So, for my Yes, I was there too photo, here is my self portrait. Looks exactly like me, right? (speaking of right, I'm on the right in case you couldn't tell....) P is crossed-eyed and puckered up, and T is....always entertaining, with his 'stach and glasses. :)

Were you? Link me up in the comments so I can see!

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  1. I didn't get one done last week. But this week I did! Here you go!


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