Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas is coming...time to get swaggin'

Search & Win

I love Swagbucks! I know I have posted about them before but if you haven't signed up, now is a great time. Tomorrow they are having a swag-a-palooza, so to speak. They are giving away 60 swagbucks during the day on their blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Love it. Normally, you earn swagbucks by searching through their search engine (instead of google or yahoo) as well as doing polls, surveys, and my personal fave...swagbucks TV. I keep it running on the side of my screen and just click on the next video (usually rotating through the same 2 or 3 all day b/c I'm not watching them or listening to them so it doesn't bug me). You can easily get 30 or more swagbucks off those each day. Every 10 videos you "watch", you get 3 points. It doesn't sound like much but it does add up fast...and you don't have to finish the videos either. You get credit when it is about 1/2 over and can switch to the next video. Easy peasy! I am started to save up now for Christmas. Every 450 points you get, you can request a $5 amazon GC. I have earned $55 so far. So...if you haven't signed up before, DO IT, and if you use my link, I get credit too which I would really appreciate ;)


  1. I love swagbucks! I've already redeemed my swagbucks for 49 amazon cards since I've had my account.

  2. You are clearly more dedicated than I am. That is AWESOME!!!


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