Tuesday, November 22, 2011

another reason I love homeschooling...

Terrific T is starting to feel better, but now Princess P and I have been struck with the bug. I made it through our last CC day yesterday, but P laid pretty low all day and didn't get to go to her class (except when they were having cake, but come on, you have to be pretty sick to not be able to have cake!). Today, I broke out the extra strong prescription that my dr prescribed for me to take to Cambodia if I came down with anything. I didn't need it there, thankfully, but hoped it would knock this out of me before Thanksgiving (and Black Friday shopping!). I also took some Robitussin for my cough. One of those two made me super spacy and shaky. So...I curled up in front of the fire, like a cat, and napped the morning away. But not before barking out the kids school orders....

Read this:

Watch this:

And then write a paper comparing and contrasting the two.

OK, Captain C wrote the paper, the other two just listed a few things and drew pictures. They were thrilled to "not have to do school" and I got a few hours of rest so I can attempt to get over this and move on with the 1000 things I need to do this week.

Sometimes you just gotta scrap your lesson plans and wing it, and a benefit of homeschooling is that that is ok. I'll let them practice math calculating how much I am going to save on Black Friday ;)


  1. And his paper wasn't bad. That IEW has really paid off! I was impressed ;)

  2. LOL Poor L!! I'm so sorry i know you are making your list for Friday right? Sending prayers for quick recovery (now!) for you. Is gnomeo good? M hasn't seen it yet.

  3. Sure hope you feel better.... hope the rest gets healthy also.. happy shopping :)

  4. Oh, I feel for you. Get well soon! That is definitely a perk of homeschooling. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your sweet family!


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