Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Poor P?

We ran into Mardel yesterday and Princess P Had to have a journal that was $2. I bought it for her and she was going to pay me back at home. I just remembered to ask her for the money and it turns out, she only had $2 total to her name. When she gave me her last $2, she started saying, "I'm poor. I'm poor! People need to give me money because I am poor!"
Terrific T informed her that she is not poor and doesn't need money. They argued a bit and I just listened.
P: I'm poor. I don't have any money.
T: Do you have a home? Family? Food? Clothes? A pet? You are not poor.
P: But I don't have any money...people need to give me money.
T: Do you have a toilet? Poor people have to pee on a rock! You aren't poor.
P: yes I am.
T: Do you have a bed? Poor people have to sleep on a rock!
P: The same rock they pee on? Ewwww!

I think that finally convinced her that she isn't poor! I watched a great clip recently about being poor. It talked about what makes someone poor...and T has it right. Poor isn't about money, it is about relationships. The video asked if you lost all your money, your home, your family, your job...how long would it take you to get a meal, a bed to sleep in, another job? Most people have enough connectionships/relationships that they could get a meal in minutes if needed, a bed to sleep in that night, and some form of employment pretty quickly. They are not poor. Funny how so many people have the same attitude as P, my six year old, "I'm poor...people need to give me money!"



  1. UMMMM, yes. Isn't that what those people are protesting right now? The rich need to give them money. Ugh.

    Great post!

    I agree with you and I love the conversation your kids had. :) I often wonder when I see homeless people, how sad that they don't have family to turn to. Yes, it would be devastating if we lost our material possessions, but we have plenty of family that would take us in, and help us out.


  2. I love how kids think! Audrey and I just finished reading the American girl Kit series (about the depression) and it really opened her eyes to some things.


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