Friday, August 5, 2011

Will you allow me to rant?

While I was doctoring up Terrific T's head (which is looking fab, by the way...oh and I finished Mini-Shopaholic while we were on vacation and it was fab too), he says, "I'm being such a lame@$$.". After I regained the ability to talk, I asked him, "What?" He repeated it the same. I said, "You are being a what?" And he said it one more time. So now we have established that he was, in fact, cussing. Moving on. "Where did you hear that?" "Well, Gulliver said it in Gulliver's Travels."

Oh My Goodness. Why do they put stuff like that in KID'S MOVIES? ( <---see, told you I was going to rant, you knew the CAPS were coming, right?) Makes me so mad.

So we had a nice discussion during the Neosporin applying phase about @$$ being a bad word and we don't say bad words and blah, blah, blah. So frustrating that you can't put in a kids movie and it be...kid friendly. BTW, I'm inclined to agree with Gulliver here... He is pretty much a lame@$$ for teaching kids bad words!


  1. I so agree! It makes me so mad to have to have those conversations with my kids during KIDS movies! If you don't want YOUR kids saying those words, DON'T PUT THEM IN YOUR MOVIE!

    Thanks for letting me rant too!

  2. There are some bad words in Cars and I don't like that!!!! I know it can be an adult movie as well, but come on.....they know kids soak that stuff up!

  3. Agree, Agree, Agree. There are so many "kids" movies and even television out there that are SO no appropriate for young children. (And I'll spare you MY soapbox speech about SpongeBob!) What really baffles me is why just about every G-rated children's book that is made into a movie that's PG or PG-13!

  4. laughing my lame@$$ off - just kidding- I feel the same way- my 5 yr old said "holy shi*" and - like you - I said- WHAT? again- WHAT did you say?
    from- Disney cartoon movie- "El Dorado" - they yell "holy shiP" - technically NOT a cuss word- but has the same effect when quoted by my 5 yr old! I explained to him that they were yelling about the boat and that he can stick with "oh wow" - still- it irks me - they know exactly what they are doing when they throw these things in and they just don't care! With my luck- my boy will pull it back out at church or at Thanksgiving dinner or something! :)

  5. Ugh!! You never know what is safe to watch anymore. Glad he is doing better!


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