Thursday, August 25, 2011

100 workout

I have been seriously lacking motivation lately (can I still use "lately" if it has been over a year?) but decided to, once again, get back on that wagon. I am tired of my clothes being too tight. It's grossing me out. So, I could either go buy all new clothes, or move my fat hiney more and eat less. Hmmm....tough call but it seems more prudent to do the later. So, today, Captain C and I started the 100 Workout. I have tried to figure out where it came from but I have no idea. I like that it is easy to do and doesn't require anything extra. We printed out this...

...and got to it. We did it in about 18 minutes...but only ran 2 minutes instead of 10 and then ended with 10 totally girly pushups. It's too hot to run outside and we were bugging the dog by running laps in the living room. I thought someone was lighting my legs on fire about jumping jack 70, but C kept going and I wasn't going to let him show me up so I pushed through it. We are going to see how long it takes us to do this 100 times. If we were to do it every day, we would be done the end of November. I'm also going to see if I can lose 10 pounds during this 100 days. Surely I can, right? Anyone want to join me on this fun journey? Please? I need accountability! about you do it too (yes, you!) and post about it and keep asking me about it. Kinda like going to the gym together but it is totally ok to be wearing your too tight gym clothes since we won't be in public, and we don't have to worry about childcare. Bonus! :)

Who's in?


  1. Someone has a thang for jumpin' jacks. Ouch! I notice you haven't gotten any takers! Hehe... can't blame 'em. ~ Me, again... just catching up on reading your blog.

  2. Do you start with ALL these each day ?? YIKES. can I lose 10# by Disney trip ?? Would the dog dragging me around the track count as running ?? haha Captain C will keep you going...

  3. I'm in! If I can wait till Monday to start...


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