Friday, August 12, 2011

Thankful for a mohawk.

A guy at karate had a mohawk.
Terrific T liked it and wanted one.
I gave him one, against my better judgement.

That was 3 summers ago and he has had one every summer since.
I had no there was a mole under there that was harboring atypical cells.
We were able to watch it every year and noticed when it changed.
Thank you, Lord, for mohawks.

PS. Wear your sunscreen, people, 
and get anything that looks odd checked out sooner than later!


  1. I need to find one...thanks for reminder! PTL for a little boy who wanted a mohawk ;)

  2. Thankful for a young boy at karate with a mohawk and that T liked it !!! Praising God !! Love you T!

  3. I love that photo of him.

    What a blessing that mohawk has been, huh?! I agree with you, don't put anything off when you think it looks suspicious. It's easy to drop by the doctor and have it checked out. Sunscreen rocks! I'm the happiest pale girl in the world! :))

  4. Oh my goodness! Great advice! And now I feel like I should get my four children today!

  5. I am so glad you found it!

    And he totally rocks the mohawk!

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm glad that you found it. My Sophie was born with a nevus on her forehead and when we took her to see the surgeon about having it removed he told us that it wasn't a case of if it would become cancerous, but rather a case of when. Scared the heck out of me! I was always kind of lax with my other two about sunscreen, but that sure as heck changed things for me. Now my kids put on sunscreen as soon as they head outside.


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