Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heat Wave Perks

All the talk lately has been about the heat. Help me thinking good things about it possibly breaking a heat record today in our town. I've read all the negatives in everyone's status updates for weeks and I'm trying to think positively.

1 - We just had slushies before breakfast. Nothing like cooling off your insides to start your day and Captain C made them for us (crushed ice, lemon juice and I'm pretty sure I was chewing some sugar in there too).

2 - Saving money drying clothes outside. As soon as one load is finished washing, the previous ones are already dry out back...making laundry go faster (in theory). It would take an hour for them to dry in the dryer...and we can use the money saved on running toe dryer to pay for the a/c that is trying to keep up.

3 - Family bonding. We don't want to leave the house so have been staying home. The house is getting cleaner and things are getting done.

4 - Getting caught up on work. I am slowly getting caught up on work, both photo and CC work. It is too hot to do much else :)

5 - No rain = no growth = no mowing. Woot!

6 - Keeping up with the Jonses. Heck, if all the neighbors are going to have dead lawns, we don't feel so badly about ours being dead. Finally, we fit in around here!

7 - Gas tanks are staying fuller which saves money. Again, who wants to leave the house?

What else? Add yours in the comments.


  1. I love your list. I love the idea of slushies before breakfast! :) I do love the staying home part, and saving money. I am especially happy now that Boyd will sit and watch a long movie. YAY!

    I was telling someone the other day, the heat is just what it is. Yes, it's hot, but we know it's coming. I try very hard not to complain about it. :)

  2. Yes, movies are good. I downloaded some new apps for the kids to play too. And heck, we just read Patrick Henry's speech and had a nice impromptu lesson while drinking smoothies. We can complain or we can make memories.

  3. Also, I might be the last on the planet but have you seen Crayola's watercolor pencils? You would love them with Boyd! They color with the pencils and then use a wet paintbrush over it and it looks like paint after. We just tried them for the first time and it was cool.


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