Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jonah was a Prophet - woo woo

I worked in the nursery on Sunday and missed the message at church, so listened to the service tonight while making pizzas. Our pastor is doing a series on Jonah (hard to not sing the VeggieTales song whenever he says that Jonah was a prophet). Terrific T was sweeping the dining room while I was cooking, so he was listening too. He was started to get annoyed and finally said, "Why would God let Jonah do that if He already knew what he was going to do?" He likes to keep me on my toes with spiritual questions. I love it. So we had a nice long talk about free will and if God just made us do what He wanted, we would be like robots, or remote control cars. No will and mind of our own. How special would it be to God if we told Him we loved and adored Him, simply because He told us to say it? Like the difference between making your kids say the words "I'm sorry" and them genuinely showing remorse and being sorry. Night and day difference. I think it is the same with God. He doesn't want us obeying because he is making us, He wants us obeying because we want to because we love Him. We talked for quite a while and he ended it with, "You should be a preacher. You answered that good."

Well, thanks for the encouragement, honey, but I think I'll stick with teaching you guys ("when to use 'well' and when to use 'good'" will be next on my list!) and leave the preaching to someone else!


  1. Let me google that for ya. ;) ~ Linda

  2. SO cute! We have one of those kids too. Skip is constantly asking us similar questions. It's great because it gives us an opportunity to open the Bible and talk with him about so many different aspects of life. Once in awhile when he's not quite satisfied with our response, he'll tell us (gently) that he's gonna run it by Pastor on Sunday. :)


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