Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No More Mole

Thank you so much to everyone that prayed for Terrific T. He was a champ today getting his mole removed. I wasn't going to post about it but figured it might be a good time to throw some mole education out there to are welcome! First, a friend and her hubby have had way too many mole encounters so was a huge help to me through all of this. Thank you so much, CW (and for the surprise for T when we got home!). I think she is the one who told me about the ABCDs of a mole.


A- asymmetry. Suspicious mole does not look like a round or oval blot. Often, early melanoma looks rather like a blot with an odd shape.
B- borders. Borders become irregular, uneven, fuzzy. The edges of the blots become notched.
C- color. Color of normal mole should be more or less homogenous. Change in color is very suspicious . There are shades of brown, black, tan, red. Mottled color is suspicious.
D- diameter. Change in diameter is suspicious too. Mole that is bigger than 6 mm is suspicious. Everybody compares 6 mm to a pencil eraser (though few people actually use it extensively). Just to get idea about the borderline size.

T's hit too many of those for comfort .....

So we had it removed today.

He got a new Webkinz to hold during the procedure and the promise of a wicked cool scar, and we got peace of mind that since it is gone, it can't cause trouble later on. If you have any suspicious moles, please get them checked as soon as possible. It really can mean the difference between life and death if caught early enough.

They will give us the results in a week or so but I have a complete peace that all is ok. They took enough around the mole that she felt like even if it were starting something (really hate saying the C word when talking about my kid!), they got it and he will not have to go back for it again. Thanks again for the prayers. He really impressed us being so brave through it all. I had been putting numbing cream on it for about 4 hours before the surgery but those shots still hurt pretty bad and he just curled his knees up and let her do it. After that it was a breeze. Big Daddy and I were there with him, playing ipad games with him to distract him, but he never tried to move or anything (except when he was reeling in a virtual fish and it was a big one - lol) . It was a huge answer to prayer. If it had been a struggle, I might have just left and not done it ;) I'm so glad to have that behind us!


  1. What a brave kid! Thanks so much for raising awareness by sharing this information. We'll be praying for y'all!

  2. Oh bless his heart Leslie!!! I've had a few removed too. I feel for all of you, I'm sure it was just as hard on you and your husband to see him deal with that. He is very brave and strong. Praying for good results! xo.

  3. I'm so glad the it went well! What a brave little guy you have.

  4. OK...he is VERY brave and I know you said that pick wasn't gross but I am now VERY woozy. I don't you know YOU did it!!!! Noah suggested that Trenton should have chosen a "mole" as his Webkinz ;) We will keep praying and believing all is well. Love you!!

  5. Tell Noah that Mardel was almost OUT of Webkinz. It was slim pickin's. He settled for a raccoon (since one tried to break into our camper while we were sleeping once) and named him "Stitch" :)


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