Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mini Shopaholic!

I was looking up some books to request from the library, and on a whim typed in Sophia Kinsella to see if she had something new. Who knew? I loved her other Shopaholic books got good at mentally *bleeping* a LOT though) so downloaded this one last night and started reading it. Hilarious that she now has a little 2 year old mini me.

Have you read it?


  1. Hi Leslie!

    I haven't read any of the shopaholic books, but for book club we did read Twenties girl and I also read Can you keep a secret. Both books by Sophie Kinsella. The second one was laugh out loud funny! I would highly recommend it. I made some changes to our blog and would love it if you stopped by when you have a moment.


  2. Oh I'll come check it out. I think I've read all her books - I always laugh out loud at them (Big Daddy loves when I read them in bed while he is trying to sleep and keep laughing - haha).

  3. I have not read those, but I heard they were good.

    I'm reading Unbroken right now, and it's REALLY good!

  4. How funny! I ck'd our library a couple weeks ago to see if she had anything new. "Mini" was checked out but I plan to read it soon. I hope its as LOL as the others. She is good for a mental break!!!


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