Sunday, July 24, 2011


Terrific T picked these for me today on a hike.
Love them.
Love him.
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  1. We aren't doing the actual processors until next week. Thanks for checking on him though.

  2. Ummm...procedure. Gotta love auto correct!

  3. So cute. Awhile back I found a teeny-tiny vase (we're talking about 2 inches tall) for the times the boys come in with a couple of viotets or similar flower. It sits right on my kitchen window-sill so I can admire them every time I'm in the kitchen...which is often :)

  4. Okay...I know I shouldn't complain about this because afterall, it is the thought that counts. I received some iris bulbs from a friend who was relandscaping her yard and got rid of 100s of iris bulbs and I replanted them in my yard.
    Anyway, the iris plants grew, but never flowered. This year was the first year in over four years that they flowered with beautiful purple irises.
    One afternoon after my youngest two came in from playing and they handed me a lovely bouquet of purple irises. I just stood there in shock while they looked at eachother like, "Geez, that's the last time we bring her some flowers."

  5. Oh, those are so pretty. What a sweet guy! :)

    I hope your trip is going great!


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