Monday, July 18, 2011

And I thought we were healthy ;)

Terrific T has a dr appt tomorrow so I printed out all the new patient paperwork just now to fill out ahead of time (trying to minimize our wait time since it will be me and the three kids). I was reading the list of "have you ever had/has anyone in your family ever had" ailments to Big Daddy because I don't know all of his family's history. {side bar - any idea how many generations you are supposed to go back on those forms? Just us, the parents? Our parents, so his grandparents? Our grandparents? Goodness - we didn't know where to stop and didn't want to get an answer wrong if it was important}

It went something like this:

Me: Heart Trouble?
Big Daddy: Hmmm
Terrific T: Yes! Princess P. (she was at the dr for that earlier this month but all the tests came back ok. I think we can safely leave that off but do have it in our grandparents...better mention it, just in case that is important)
Me: Blood Disease?
Big Daddy: No
Terrific T: Yes! N4 (his cousin with diabetes)
Me: We cover that later under diabetes. Headaches?
Big Daddy: No
Terrific T: Oh yes - I have had a headache
Me: Dry Skin?
Big Daddy: No
Terrific T: Uh Huh! I have some right here on my knee!
Me: numbness or tingling?
Terrific T: YES! Sometimes I wake up and my foot is tingling.
Me: Nose Bleeds?
Big Daddy and Terrific T: Yes! ( that T does have!)

It went on and on with T thinking he has had everything mentioned and us marking no to everything but nose bleeds and jaundice...I felt obligated since he did have slight jaundice as a baby.

Should be an interesting visit. Prayers are welcome!


  1. Oh for Pete's sake. You are much more patient than I am. I'm sure I come off as a real jerk, but I refuse to fill out forms like that. I swear to you they don't even read them half the time. Just save yourself the trouble and mark no to everything unless it is a true problem such as diabetes, hemophilia, cancers, etc...
    Hope Terrific T has an uneventful visit with the MD.

  2. Worst part of these forms is, when you go back in a month or two, you have to fill them out again!


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