Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camping at Greenleaf

We just got home from 4 days of camping at Greenleaf State Park. We had such a great time and lots and lots of laughs. I love how God puts people in your path when you need them. We got to the campsite and found the spot we wanted. I am the "back-er-in-er" of the I started backing it in. An older gentleman came out of his camper to watch/help. After two attempts, he asked if we wanted him to try. Um. YES. So he did it and did a great job (clearly, he has more experience than I do). He then hung around and helped us set up camp. He was a hoot and if you looked up "good 'ol boy from OK" in the dictionary, I think his picture would be there. Great guy and so much help.  It is always hard to leave camp but C is going to church camp on Monday and we needed to get him ready to go so came home today instead of tomorrow. We had such a great time, even though it was a million degrees outside. Thankfully, our camper has excellent a/c!

So, to recap our week, we:
  • hiked:

That is the Arkansas River in the background (and Sunni hiding under my legs).
  • played putt-putt

  • Went fishing:
The boys fishing. T fed the fish a LOT of worms and C practiced his casting while some lady yelled at her kids in the background. People, don't yell at your least don't yell at them in public. It's annoying!

And Miss P was the only one to catch anything!

Attempting to kiss her fish, before throwing it back.

And then she caught another one!

She baited her own hook and caught her fish all by herself. Crazy little thing. 
  •  Rode some paddle boats:
This was not Sunni's favorite part of the trip but she did great (once we pried her paws off the dock and got her in the boat).

I got the better end of the "co-pilot" deal. C was a machine at paddling. I barely had to do anything.

The princess...she and T jumped in and swam around a little. Yuck.
  •  Canoe races
C and Big Daddy entered a canoe race this morning. P went along for the ride (and ended up the only person in the race needing a bath when she was done!). They didn't win but had a great time.
  •  Made some new friends
T and P both made a new friend and had a blast playing with them. There were a lot of kids there and all the kids had fun playing together but these two were their faves. P went to bed tonight crying that she misses Kate.
  •  ate:
OK, there aren't a lot of pictures of this because for some reason, I left behind one ingredient for about every meal we had planned. Like...forgot the hotdogs but brought the buns, cheese and condiments. Oops. Thankfully we cut our trip short a day so had plenty to eat...just wasn't as tasty as we had planned - lol. A couple of highlights were:
A smiling pancake drop this morning. That was a surprise when Big Daddy flipped it over :)

And T's bacon flavored hotdog he got at a convenience store today on the way home. Yikes.
 Add to that swimming, biking, reading, movies, and lots of bugs, sweat, and dirt, and you have a perfect week together as a family. I'm so glad we are able to camp together and can't wait until next time...especially since it will be in CO, which will be cooler!


  1. Girl, you are my superhero, I can't even imagine trying to back in our camper. I am a nervous wreck when Kevin does it. He is good, but I do wish at times we had a nice stranger to do it for us too! :))

    Looks like a fun and fabulous camping trip. Thank goodness for campers with a/c, right?! I love the paddle boats and canoe. How cool that your next trip is to CO. That will be great!

  2. What a great time. Your "good ol' boy" story remind me of the movie RV, ever seen it?
    Hey! You said your next camping trip will be in CO, where in CO? If it's close to us, you have to come for a visit.
    A bacon-flavored hot dog? Yikes! As if hot dogs are bad enough. I think boys will eat anything. Unless they are my youngest son, who won't eat anything, but still has a little belly to show for it.


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