Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As American As...Blueberry Pie

When we were dating, I made Big Daddy a blueberry pie that he liked so much, he mentioned it in our premartial counseling. Our pastor thought that was so sweet that he mentioned during our wedding. I have made a handful of them over the years but not nearly as often as I should because I don't like them don't have nearly enough hours in my day.

Today, Big Daddy stayed home from work because he isn't feeling well. I noticed that Aldi had blueberries for $.99/pint so swung by and picked up a pint or 7. {funny side story....Aldi only takes cash or debit cards. I always have plenty of cash but hadn't gotten cash this week and had just been to three other stores and spent all but $10. I wasn't even thinking about where I was going so I get through the checkout line and he tells me it is $14. Hmmm. I had to ask him to put things back and just kept the 7 pints of blueberries and 3 pounds of strawberries. The next two customers were older gentlemen who both were so sweet and offered to pay the difference but I wouldn't let them. I was cracking up...and glad the kids weren't with me to see mom have to put things back. I know they would have thought we were poor now - haha! Lesson learned: I'll be double checking my envelopes from now on before I go there! Now back to the regularly scheduled blog post} Some wives make their sick hubbies chicken noodle soup, I went the blueberry pie route instead. And since I had put everything else back at the store today, we had cereal for dinner and blueberry pie for dessert. Hope it helps him feel better...or at least know he is loved!!

Such a good little helper

This old cookbook falls open to this page on its own.

I don't eat blueberry pie but I heard it was yummy.


  1. I want some!!!! :) What a sweet little wifey! I hope Big Daddy feels better tomorrow.

  2. How sweet of you! That looks so good. I was just thinking of blueberries yesterday. I need to get to Aldi it sounds like, with some cash! :))

  3. Love the post and the side post! Hope the pie made him feel both better, and loved!

  4. That looks awesome! What a good wife you are! :-) BTW, Aldi takes Discover. If you have one next time (and aren't philosophically opposed to using it) and don't have cash, you can keep all your groceries. :-)

  5. You're a great woman! Cereal and blueberry pie - awesomeness!


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