Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Month, Another Oils Update :)

These monthly oil posts seem to be coming up faster and faster. Surely time isn't truly flying, is it? We have had another busy month and our oil uses haven't slowed down. I'm pretty sure we are in this for life now. Nothing drastic to share this month and we are all pretty much just using them for maintenance. We are very thankful to not have anything major going on - love how fast the oils seem to nip things that are trying to start!

T's allergies have taken a huge turn as the trees bloomed and allergens filled the air this month. We decided to not use his nose spray from the Dr or OTC meds and see what we could do. Lavender under his tongue had worked in the fall/winter, but wasn't touching it anymore. Boo. So we started with Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon in capsules or in a spoonful of local honey. That was working but then something else must have bloomed because he spent about 4 days itching his eyes so bad they were swelling and looked like he had pink eye. Some friends suggested adding Copaiba to the LLP. I took an old bottle and mixed 10 drops of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, and Copaiba with some grapeseed oil and put a roller ball on time and told T to use it at will. And it worked. He rolls it on the bottoms of his feet, his spine, or chest. Since it has Lemon in it, he only puts it on his face or neck if it is in the evening. Gotta watch that Lemon!

I decided last month to test Elemi to see if it really would work like Frankincense (at a fraction of the price!). So far so good. C has a little rash on his shoulders - I mixed together some coconut oil and Lavender and Elemi and he is putting it on there morning and night. He's already noticing a difference. The scent isn't exactly the same but it comes from the same plant so I'm going to keep using it. We use real Frank in the morphine bomb or to ingest and Elemi for skin.

Oh...Check out this amazing testimony from my friend on passing her kidney stone with zero pain thanks to Young Living. I love it!!

P had a bite on her leg, we thought, and were putting Lavender on it. It wasn't helping. Poor thing. I looked again later and it was spreading. Poison Ivy! Oops. Switched up our oil to Purification and it started drying it up! She had a spot start on her arm and we put Purification on it first and it never got bad like the one on her leg. I should have started with Purification first - live and learn! 

We are looking forward to moving into spring and summer seasons with our oils. I love that if I'm starting to get stuffy at night, I can put Lavender on my nose and thieves on my throat and feet and wake up feeling good. I love how much Progessence Plus has revamped my monthly issues (ladies...hit me up if you want details!). I love that the kids have seen these oils work and ask for them above OTC meds. Heck, I'm even making Wondermutt a flea collar with the oils and we have found a bug repellent that we are going to try out too. Can't wait!

I'm also excited that Young Living put out a new Starter Kit. If you are interested in trying these oils, these start kits are the best bang for your buck. There are several kits to choose from but I'm wanting to snag another one of these new ones to try this new diffuser. The kit is a great deal and then you can buy anything you want for 24% off any time after that. There is no monthly minimum and you only have to spend $50 a year to stay active. It's such a great company and the oils can't be beat. Really.

If you aren't ready to sign up but want to order some things to try them out - that's great too. I am offering my 24% discount to anyone that's local that gets their order to me by the 7th. I order every month on the 8th and am always happy to add things in for you. Just let me know!

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