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Review - The Brinkman Adventures CDs

Brinkman Adventures Review
The Brinkman Adventures is an exciting Christian radio series that we were fortunate to get to review! We were sent The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24  which contains 12 episodes and over 5 hours of entertainment on 4 CDs.

Ep. 01 - The Mystery Ring 
Ep. 02 - Blue Hat and T-Shirt Bible
Ep. 03 - How Big Is Your God 1
Ep. 04 - How Big Is Your God Pt. 2
Ep. 05 - Mexico By Bus
p. 06 - Treehouse Academy
Ep. 07 - Pirates of Mayan Island
p. 08 - Sapphire Slave Pt. 1
Ep. 09 - Sapphire Slaves Pt. 2
Ep. 10 - Hadi's Choice
Ep. 11 - Castle of Secrets 
Ep. 12 - On the Run 
We chose to listen to most of these in the car so we could all enjoy them. The roughly 26 minute episodes are short enough that we could finish one in a trip into Tulsa and another on the way home. We listened to the final few over dinners - playing them in the kitchen while we ate.

Brinkman Adventures ReviewThe stories are actually fictionalized but based on true stories from actual missionaries. The names have been changed and some details embellished, but the missionaries play themselves in the part and it's neat to hear all of their voices. The series is completely action packed and Bible based. The family very much has a heart for winning people to Jesus. It wasn't a preaching CD, but their mission was weaved into each story. The family truly cares about people.

A particular set of episodes that stirred up emotions in us were the ones titled "Sapphire Slaves". Without ruining any surprises, these episodes show how slavery still exists in the world today and sadly, children are not immune from it. This one bothered P actually and I am glad I listened with them so we could discuss it together.

We have listened to a lot of audio stories in our days. These definitely kept us interested throughout the whole episodes. They were dramatized with the family preforming each part and lots of sound effects, not like a typical audio book. It was more like listening to a movie! They had little "commercial" spots filled with the kids reading Bible verses or telling about their website, where you can watch videos of some of the events and learn more about the family and the true stories behind the episodes. I was half expecting an Ovaltine commercial to pop up in there. HAHA! This was like a blast to the past and I enjoyed them along with the kids.

They say that they are family adventures and for all ages, but Mr. Brinkman cautions at the beginning of several episodes that if you are under 10, you should get a parent to listen along with you. I'd agree with this for sure. Some things in there are a little intense and it was good for us to be able to talk about them together after each episode. I'm not sure I would go much younger than 10 actually. We all enjoyed these and no one spoke when they were on, for fear of missing something important. I might have even  said to "shhhhh!!!" a few times while listening so I could pay attention. I enjoyed that they sprinkled in facts about the area or animals or land in the stories. Educational and entertaining.

The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis.  The suggested price is $25.00 for Season 2.You can also purchase them as a MP3 download for a suggested donation of $17.00.

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