Friday, April 18, 2014

Random 5 ~ April 18th

 The Pebble Pond

1 - I have gotten so far behind on housework and grocery shopping these past few weeks that we were about 4 hours away from eating popcorn for lunch. So the kids and I braved Wally World and Sams and stocked up today. yay.

2 - I love having boys. T is out mowing now. Loaded him up with lavender, lemon, and peppermint and will hit him with it again when he comes in. He really wanted to mow, even though he is highly allergic to grass. I'm excited for our first spring/summer with Young Living. YeeHaw!

3 - Parenting is hard sometimes, y'all! Just hard!

4 - Monday is our last day of Classical Conversations this year. WAHOOOOO! It has been a wonderful year, but I'm ready for the break! C has two more weeks though so we are quietly wahoooooing so he isn't annoyed with us.

5 - He is not here; He is RISEN!!! Happiest of Easter seasons to you and your family. We are heading out to our Good Friday service soon, which is such a good, visual reminder of all Jesus did for us. Also, T was saved on Good Friday a few years ago so this day is always extra special for us.

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  1. Off to go grocery shopping now! I hate it!

  2. My husband and 15 year old daughter just got home from a Costco run. We had to squeeze one in but we've been so busy this week. Our Good Friday service is long, but beautiful and makes the Resurrection celebration so much more meaningful! Happy Easter to you and yours!


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