Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1 - I'm slightly obsessed with ice, thanks to my sister, and found the best place to buy soft, yummy ice. I buy a 20lb bag at least one a week. Yum!

2 - I haven't paid taxes yet. I'm waiting until the last minute because of stupid self employment taxes. Now that we are down to the last minute, I better get it done so I don't add penalties to the already stupid taxes we have to pay.

3 - I'm sooooo ready for summer. I'm sick of school. The kids are sick of school. We do school throughout the summer, but it's different. I like it then because it's not the full load.

4 - I think about and pray for little man all the time and am so, so, so thankful that we still get to see and talk to him. He's doing well and we even got to play at the park with him this week. So great to see him and hug his neck!

5 - I haven't cleaned my office in  months...and it shows. I promise to clean it soon but don't promise before and after pics...just after maybe. ;o)

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  1. We are ready for Summer break as well. I think the only thing that will keep us going until the end is the fact that this week coming up is our Spring Break.. YEAH! Stopping by from random 5 on friday

  2. 1.) 20 lbs of ice would not last your sister a week. It would be about a half week.
    2.) It's not the last minute until 11:59 PM. The downtown post office will have drive up service open until then. Been there. Done that.


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