Friday, May 30, 2014

My family rocks!

We have had this bench and table on our front porch for about 10 years. It's definitely seen better days and I was thinking (out loud, possibly) that I would love to get it painted or just trash it and start over. I was thinking of just spray painting the whole thing red or something. I figured it couldn't look any worse.

Big Daddy read my mind (that I possibly spoke out loud) and he and the kids set to work this past weekend. It pains him to paint wood (or watch me paint wood) and he did a job on this that I never dreamed he could do. I love it...and love that they all worked so hard on this. It looks better than it did when it was new!!!

Demolition - took the whole thing apart!

Divide and conquer. Some painted.

Some stained.


Seriously - how beautiful is this???

I love it and am so thankful they took the time to do this for me. Now, I'm eyeing those chairs in the background and mentally picking out colors. Those are already painted, so surely I can (re)paint that wood, right?

While all this was going on, Princess P and I made a wreath for the front door too. I need to get a finished picture of it in the light and I'll post it soon. Nice to have a welcoming porch instead of a run down mess!

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  1. Love it! I also vote red or yellow for the rocking chairs. :)


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