Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oily updates...


Another month, another list of successes with my Young Living Essential Oils. We have continued to use the oils as in the past months for daily things like tummy aches or headaches, but here are a few NEW things we have used them for this month that I thought I'd share.

Captain C has a beautiful complexion. No idea where he got that from - lol. But he got a couple of zits right between his eyes this month after wearing his glasses with duct tape holding them together for a few days. Oops. He came down to me one night and asked if there was an oil to help. I looked it up and found that many people had luck with lemon for zits. You have to be careful though because lemon will make your skin photosensitive, so don't use it before going out in the sun for at least 12 hours. Since it was night, we felt ok trying this out. He put lemon straight on each little zit after washing his face. He said it burned. I asked if he wanted me to put coconut oil on it and he didn't. He wanted to tough it out - lol. Not sure I'd recommend that, but he's a teenage boy and you can't tell him anything. He went up to bed after that, but came back down about an hour later to ask me something. I had him look at his zits...they were at least 1/2 the size they had been!! By morning most of the red was out and they were almost completely flat. He did it again the next night and those were gone the following morning. He has done this several times this month since when he gets one popping up. We love Lemon and it's cheap ($11.25 wholesale)! I'm going to get him his own bottle to keep upstairs this month.

Captain C again...this time he hurt his wrist pretty badly at church last Wed night. They were playing touch football and he bent it backwards. It was swelling and he was miserable. We took him in the next morning for x-rays because it was so bad and the dr thought by looks it was broken, but praise the Lord the x-rays showed no break! After seeing the oils work on zits, he was eager for me to try them on his arm. As soon as we got home, we put several different oils on there to help with the inflammation. He didn't want any ibuprofen so I made him a "morphine bomb" that I had read about.

I had earned Copaiba free last month and Balsam Fir free the month before (sweetness!!) so I made this up and he took it and went to bed. The next morning, before we were getting xrays, I had him take ibuprofen b/c I didn't know how much they would manipulate it...and he's my baby and I wanted the pain gone. We got home and that afternoon he was hurting pretty bad again. I asked him if he wanted more Ibuprofen and he said no, he wanted another of those oil pills! He liked the results of that better than the Ibuprofen! YAY! I'm trying to not push them on anyone, even my own kids, or withhold traditional meds when needed. I was thrilled at how well this worked.

We went to the zoo one day last month too and the last two times Terrific T has been to the zoo, he has broken out in an allergic reaction rash. This time, we came armed with Lavender and he swiped it inside his cheeks before going. I brought it in with  me too in case we needed it but we didn't. No allergy problems! YAY!

We used the "bomb" again yesterday. Big Daddy, Princess P, and Captain C all caught a nasty bug that left them weak and with headaches after a day of puking and more. It was a violent bug that wore them flat out. P and C asked for oils all the time - even smelling peppermint was helping them to not throw up. Every time he threw up, C would ask for more Di Gize and Peppermint on his belly. He got it the least of any of them  with only about 4 hours of sick time and then resting the next day. Big Daddy allows me to oil up, but I don't think is 100% sold so didn't do anything. I diffused Thieves in their rooms, but that's about it (and all us well peeps put it on our feet and diffused it by us too!). Yesterday, he had a headache that was just miserable and he couldn't shake. He took 3 Ibuprofen, then 2 hours later 2 more, then 2 hours later Aleeve. He said he has never had a headache that meds just wouldn't touch at all. A few more hours of suffering and he "gave in" and asked for one of those morphine bombs. lol. He came out a bit later and was shocked. It didn't take it all the way away, but almost. It was the first thing to even touch the pain, and it did more than just touch it...almost wiped it out. We could have done a second one but he didn't need it. Praise the Lord. He was impressed!

I still continue to be amazed at the results of using Progessence Plus. Literally changed my life and each month keeps getting better. I won't go into details here but you have any issues with your cycle, check this out. It might be the "fix" you need without surgery!

I have had story after story of friends that are trying Young Living and having great successes of their own. Husband off blood pressure meds, friend able to move out of depression and anxiety after losing a parent, etc. Really, until you try it yourself, it's hard to believe it works as well as it does. Try it, Mikey, you'll like it!

So, what's in my cart for this month? Let's see...I have a few things to restock that I use a ton of - Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. I'm also going to get a 15ml Balsam Fir (got the 5ml free and don't want to run out now that we know how well the morphine bomb works!). I've been battling Rosacea for years and have decided to work on it this month. I have read that Essential Beauty Serum helps, as well as Lavender, so I'm picking up some of that this month and will let you know next month how it works. I tried Vetiver this month to help T with his moods and focus - I really am not seeing as much difference with that as I do with Cedarwood so I'm going to restock our Cedarwood and call it good. P has been having a hard time getting her hair all the way rinsed and is dealing with some buildup. I'm going to try some YL shampoo this month and see if it helps. I haven't decided between the KidScents or Lavender. Have you tried either? Any opinions?

As always, if you want to order anything, I order on the 8th of each month (need to have your order by the 7th to get it in) and am happy to add it in if you are local, and will gladly pass along my wholesale discount (24% off!). You can also sign up as a customer or as a wholesale member and get all the perks for yourself. You only have to order $50 a year to stay "active," but I know you will be hooked and want more. Let me know any questions you have or if you are interested in ordering or enrolling. If you use my link, it puts you on the same "team" as me and I can add you to private facebook pages and such to chat with people who have done this a lot longer than I have!

One last little disclaimer...I'm not a doctor and don't even play one on TV. I'm only sharing my personal experiences with the hope that they will help you with options of how to help yourself be more healthy. Do your research. I did and continue to do that. For our family, we have found that these oils work better than traditional meds for most things and without putting chemicals and junk in our bodies. :)

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