Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monthly Oils update


 I posted a few weeks ago how the oils helped us beat what we thought was the flu. It was great and the oils were fantastic. Then a few days later, it hit again...P, B, T, and Me and I threw in the towel. I couldn't oil up consistently for all of us and we went in and got Tamiflu. I do think if I wasn't so worn down and could have stayed on top of it, we could have beat it with oils, but momma was tired...and done...and wanted drugs! We still used oils for symptoms (headache, aches, tummy aches, etc) but I wasn't up for filling capsules to treat the virus or rubbing everyone's feet. I was done. Bummer. I should mention that Big Daddy was gone the whole time too, so thankfully friends and family stepped in to help pick up well kids, meds, Sprite, bring meals, etc. We were very blessed.

So, how else have we used the oils this month? Well, Princess P woke up throwing up this weekend and with a horrible headache. We used peppermint on her head (diluted) and it felt much better, but she was still throwing up. I used DiGize on her tummy and she still threw up a few more times. So I mixed Digize and Peppermint and put it on her belly and she never threw up again. We diffused Thieves in every room and so far so good...no one else is sick. YAY! We will never be without Peppermint and DiGize in our house. They are awesome!

Cedarwood still is our go to for focus for T during school. I'm ordering Vetiver this month for some variety but Cedarwood is working really well. He went from "I can't think" to done with math in 20 minutes after I applied a little to his forehead and neck. Wahoo! Love that stuff!

Pine has helped me with several nights of sinus pressure. I put it on and woke up the next morning just fine. I should have put it on last night and am feeling it this morning. I'll do it now.

When I was sick, I quit on the lemon and peppermint pills. But I've still kept over 10 pounds off and people tell me almost every time I go out that I look thinner...even my face (thanks, mb!). I'm back doing it daily now and I picked up a glass water bottle at Target a few weeks ago so I've been drinking more water with grapefruit (and I usually add a drop of lime too, just because I really love the lime flavor). I haven't weighed in a week or so but will try to remember to tomorrow.

A big oil "win" was this spot under my eye. It was sort of like a skin tag but looked like a white head (ugh) and annoying. I have had it for probably 6 months. I use frankincense and coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer daily now, but one day I decided to put a drop of frank on the spot straight up. I also had a skin tag on my neck (man, I sound like I'm 90!) so put some on that too. After about 30 second, they started burning BAD. I went in and put coconut oil on top of them to sooth them and they were fine. The next day the skin tag on my next was gone and I didn't pay attention to my eye. I just noticed a few days later that it was gone too. Sweet! Side note...I put a drop of lavender in my mascara and look at the difference in a week. It makes your lashes thicker and your mascara last longer - Lavender really is good for everything!

Captain C went to an overnight youth conference this past weekend. Something about these events tends to bring on a migraine for him (noise, lights, lack of sleep, eating junk...not sure which). He woke up the next morning with an awful headache and put some peppermint on the roof of his mouth and it was gone. Praise the Lord. Those can put him down for a full day, easy. So thankful!

We also started using Thieves household cleaner this month and I love the results and the smell.

So far, we are loving everything about our Young Living essential oils. As always, if you want to order anything, I order on the 8th of each month (need to have your order by the 7th to get it in) and am happy to add it in if you are local, and will gladly pass along my distributor discount (24% off!). You can also sign up as a customer or as a distributor yourself and get all the perks for yourself. I have had several friends sign up in the past few months and everyone is loving it. The only complaint is it's so addicting. When you can stop a headache with a drop of peppermint on the roof of your mouth, it makes you want to see what else it can do! So much fun!


  1. Awesome. I cannot wait to get my kit. I have a few skin tags on my back and one under my arm that drives me nuts. I am going to try the frankincense. YAY and no dermatologist burning it. I am also anxious to try the peppermint and lemon to shed a few LBS. I can ALWAYS use help in that department. Thanks for publishing your successes.

    1. I can't wait to hear your results, Jill. And...it was nice to talk to you today. :)

  2. Finally found the post! YAY! I wonder if it will help 'dark spots' on the face too. Sporting some of those as a result of the blood thinners I had to take ;(


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