Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flu be gone...and 12 pounds too!

I sure hadn't intended to post another "oily" post this soon. I don't want to become a blog about oils. And I won't. I promise. But I have to tell you - these bad boys work!

Caleb and I had the flu last Feb and it was miserable. He got it first and before we realized what it was, it was too late for Tamiflu. I got it a few days later and knew right then what it was. That "I'm totally fine and then 3 hours later feel like I've been hit by a bus" feeling. I got in a few hours later and on Tamiflu and was only sick a few days. His lasted close to 10 days before he was well.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I was totally fine. Went to church and remember being thrilled when the pastor said he was dismissing us without a closing song but not knowing why. I was starting to feel tired, but not sick. Came home and ate lunch and did some last minute CC prep work but by 3, I just wanted to lay down for a bit. Again, I didn't feel badly, just felt like I wanted to lay down. Something about Sunday afternoon always makes us want a nap though. ;) I didn't sleep but got up a bit later and was freezing. But no one else was.

Uh Oh. 99.7. I remembered that I had one more sample pack of Ningxia Red in the fridge from my starter YL kit so drank that up.

By that night, I had a 101 fever and as T so accurately described it on Monday morning when he woke with it too, "it felt like my brain was trying to get out!" Such aches and fever. Big Daddy had to go out of town so friends jumped in to bring P and C to CC and lead CC on Monday, teach my class, bring P to dance and home after, bring C Home, bring P to play practice, and on and on. My mother and father in law really stepped in and took care of little dude, brought the kids meals and me and T "sick food."

All the while, T and I stayed in bed and "oiled up." Now, we never went in to get tested, so I don't know that we had the flu, but it sure felt just like the last flu which wasn't that long ago. It came on so quickly and just kicked us hard. I started Sunday night using oils and it brought my fever down from 102 to 100.5 by Monday morning. T woke up Monday with the high fever and we started the oils on him (never taking any OTC meds because I really wanted to put these oils to the hard test!). We diffused and and put on oils several times on Monday and still felt blah, but not as bad with the lower temp. A friend reminded me that I had a flu remedy too so we took that and kept oiling. After throwing up the capsules I was making us, we switched to just putting the oils on our feet. Much better. Throwing up oils is NASTY!

By Tuesday morning, we both woke up with 99* and feeling so much better! We stayed in bed most of the day (I still had some tummy trouble but T never did at all, thankfully), but were awake and feeling ok. By Wed am, we both woke up fine. Temps back to 97.5 for both of us and up and around.

I was still getting really tired, but hadn't eaten anything since Sunday. T was fine. He ate and played and got about 1/2 a day of school in.

I've heard such horror stories about the flu and know about our experience with it last year, and know that the oils cut our sickness way short. I'm so thankful. Big Daddy even said to check all our bottles and make sure we aren't running low on any thing! LOL. We have been putting Thieves on all the well peeps feet and praying that it keeps them from getting sick. It was miserable, guys. I don't want anyone else going through that! I was so pleased though that we were able to kick this without having to put crazy chemicals and weird things in our bodies with meds. YAY - they worked! I actually did take an Imodium on Tuesday night to just make sure my "tummy issues" stopped. I felt fine except for that and didn't want to keep dealing with it when I had other things to do! But I was pleased to not need Tamiflu or Ibuprofen at all.

As for the weight loss I mentioned in the title - that was a bonus. Since Jan 1st, when I started doing the Lemon/Peppermint pills that I talked about before, I had lost 6 pounds. I lost another 6 since Sunday - sweetness. If I can managed to not gain that back, I'm over 1/2 way to my 15 days. haha. Not my plan but I'll take it! My pants will thank me!

**update 1/17/14** Now Princess P has it too and little dude has a low grade fever. I was at the doc for something else and she said this is a nasty virus that is acting like the flu but not testing positive for the flu. 


  1. Let me know about that weight loss one! I need to drop like ten pounds before I go on spring break! Hahaha, hope you all get to feeling better :)

  2. Not the way to lose weight, but a good jumpstart! ;) Praying you all are back to complete health soon! And yes, we love our EOs as well!


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