Friday, January 3, 2014

My oily month...

I posted last month about our venture into using Young Living Essential Oils in our everyday life and am going to try to post once a month with an update on how they are working for us. It will be fun to have a record of how the oils are working or what oils works for what ailment. As I got writing these, I realized I could write pages on this so I'm just going to post some highlights. Please add any of your own personal testimonies in the comments as well. I love to learn more things to use them for.

-Little dude has gotten an awful cough/snot/yuck once a month since being here.  Last month it ended up with breathing treatments, antibiotics, and eventually steroids to knock it out. This month, I was diligent about putting RC and Lemon (mixed in coconut oil) on his chest and feet every morning, before nap, before bed and he was completely cleared up in 3 days. With no OTC meds at all. This was huge because the steroids and Albuterol made him act like a crazy man so we were thrilled to not put those back in his system again!

-T has gotten really tired of being allergic to Red 40. We were getting our favorite Mexican for dinner one night and he wanted the strawberry yogurt that comes with the kids meal. Normally we don't let him have it but he asked if he could have it and just put a drop of Lavender under his tongue first. I was hesitant but let him try it. He had no reaction from it at all! He was thrilled. He has tried the same thing with pineapples. When my parents were visiting, my dad got a fruit salad that had pineapple in it and he put a drop of the Lav under his tongue and eaten it with out his "mouth feeling funny" like normal. YAY!

-That same fave Mexican place has something there that makes me sick every time I eat it. Yes, every time...I keep trying and hoping for different results but no luck. The only time I didn't get sick there was when I ate only a cheese quesadilla and chips with no salsa. Boring. I LOVE their food and our whole family does too so I just know that I'll be very sick for several hours after eating it and eat it anyway. This week, I put DiGize and Peppermint on my tummy right after eating and didn't have any trouble at all. And I ate what I normally eat, salsa and all! Wahoo!!
-Both P and I have had canker sores on our tongues that we have swiped with Lavender and they were immediately feeling better and gone in hours! (seeing a Lavender theme here!)

-Big Daddy had a horrible back pain that felt much better with layering Lemon Grass, Panaway, and Peppermint on. He said it didn't hurt again for over a week, when he drove back home.  I like when he recognizes that these help. :)

-I started putting 4 drops of Peppermint and 4 drops of Lemon (topping them off with coconut oil or grape seed oil)  in a capsule and taking it twice a day (like mentioned in last month's post) and lost 3 pounds in a week. Unfortunately I quit the week of Christmas so started that back up again today!

-In the past month, we have taken exactly one pill. Princess P had a headache and was crying and worried she wouldn't be better for a birthday party she was attending in 30 minutes. I had her put a drop of peppermint on the roof of her mouth and the headache was instantly gone, but she was still crying so I gave her an Ibuprofen to sort of "hedge our bets" that she would be fine for the party. She was and I think would have been fine without that pill. We have each used this Peppermint on the roof of the mouth "trick" at least once this month and it always works. YAY.

-There is a stomach bug and the flu going around and yesterday we all started with slight upset stomachs. I sprayed Thieves spray on everyone and we were ok. Last night, most of us were feeling queasy again so we got the peppermint out and just passed it around, smelling it.  Amazingly, that made us feel better for a few hours. Before bed, we put DiGize and Peppermint on our bellies and were ok when we got up. YAY.

I never was one to like scents. I have a sensitive sniffer and really prefer to smell nothing at all (unless it's homemade bread or brownies or something). But after using these for a while, I've found myself wanting something to smell while I go to sleep. If I have a stuffy nose, I put lavender and lemon on the bridge of it. Any congestion starting, it's RC and Peppermint. Feeling just icky, it's Thieves. And I always wake up feeling great. I've gotten now when I have to really try to almost make up an ailment so I have a scent to sleep with - lol. It's a great problem to not NEED anything. I usually smell a few and pick what smells good. I do put Progessence Plus on every night to help regulate my hormones. This last month, my cycle was like back before kids. So refreshing going from thoughts of an ablation to putting a few drops on my wrist or neck each night and being fine. YAY. Caleb had a spot on his hand that he just showed me yesterday. It is a wart. We started putting Thieves on it and Ill update next month if it worked. I had one on my hand a few months ago and used Thieves two times and it was gone in a week or so. I had had it for months and then looked down and it was gone. Sweet.

Like I have said before, I order once a month, on the 8th. If you need anything at cost (24% off the retail price), please let me know and I"ll add it in to my order. I can't say enough good things about these. Email me at owassocc @ (remove the spaces) if you have any questions or want to try anything. Yes, YL is more expensive than some other oils that you can get at Whole Foods or Amazon, but they are 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils and the only ones I know that are safe to ingest. 

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