Thursday, February 13, 2014

Future Financial Advisor?

4th-6th graders from our CC community joined a local private school for a day running businesses at JA BizTown. This is such a fantastic program where kids go through classes for several months (19 hours) to learn how run businesses and be consumers in those businesses. They had to apply for and interview for jobs. This is our second year to go and I highly recommend it for anyone. Such a great experience for the kids.

This year, Terrific T was a Financial Advisor. He helped about 75 "citizens" to invest their stock money during the day. Everyone gets 2 paychecks during the day and have to open a bank account and deposit their checks. They get a debit card and checkbook to spend their money. There is a lunch break and then a shopping break during the day. It was a great learning opportunity for him and we all came home worn out from "working."

No time to waste. He got right to work!

Busy researching the stocks.

He gave a speech at the opening ceremony to encourage everyone to invest.

Took time out to vote. It's every citizen's duty to vote!
He has not wanted to sleep for 3 days because he was so excited that it was almost BizTown time. He just told me he is bummed because now he has to wait a full year to go again. LoL.


  1. This is so fun! I love it. And that sounds like a busy day at work for sure!

    1. :) It's a blast for the kids and so fun to watch them have to figure it all out. Adults are there as volunteers, but don't get paychecks so can't do the work. LOL. Pretty entertaining to sit and watch!

  2. I've heard about this place (or maybe it was a place just like it) on Klove. It looks like a lot of fun while teaching great life skills!


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