Saturday, March 1, 2014


I have been doing some design work for my sister, who happens to sell Origami Owl. She sent me this awesome bracelet as a thank you. I picked this and will keep adding in the birthstones of our foster kiddos as a reminder to pray for them. Hearts for girls and circles for boys. Just two so far. It's perfect.


She also sent Princess P this awesome necklace for her birthday last month.  It's hard to see with these phone pics but it has ballet slippers and a pink crown in it. She adores it!

Three years ago, before we knew about Origami Owl, Big Daddy had surprised me with a locket necklace like this at a little mom and pop place in IL. It is still one of my favorite things he has ever bought me.

I love personalized things. Things that might only matter to me, but I know what they mean. If you need a gift (for yourself or others), check these out. I'm very impressed with the quality. She didn't ask me to blog about this (and doesn't even know I am doing it actually) but I just wanted to share how great they are. And say Thanks, SJ. We love them!

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