Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It really is the thought that counts

{thought-ful. adj. showing consideration for others}
We cut our gift giving way back this year...which makes you have to put more thought into things. Big Daddy spent 2 weeks in IL in December and I took the kids to AL for 10 days during that time. We had already finished the shopping for the kids before we went our separate ways and were just doing stockings for each other. I was so surprised when I opened this necklace on Christmas morning. He found it when he was shopping in Bloomington and it is so thoughtful. I love it!
It is so cute that I'll even overlook the fact that it is a Nikon camera in there ;o) OK, truthfully, the whole thing is only about an inch wide so I hadn't even noticed until I blew up the picture. But really, this meant so much to me because I can tell he really put thought into it. Thank you, honey, for being so thoughtful. I love you!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that necklace. SO much! Yes, he is very thoughtful.

    What a wonderful gift, even if it is a Nikon. lol.


  2. Thanks, Nicolle! It's likely the only Nikon I'll ever I'll treasure it ;o)

  3. Awe! I love it! Truly thoughtful of him.

  4. That is really pretty! Sure beats the last minute Christmas eve purchase that someone who shall remain unnamed purchased for me.

  5. This is fabulously wonderful! I just LOVE this! What a great gift!


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