Friday, December 3, 2010

dreams....are weird

I woke up at some point during the night with Princess P asking if she could go back to bed. She was snuggled up between me and Big Daddy. Ummm...sure...I didn't even know she was there!! Big Daddy laughed (and continued to poke fun in an email this morning) and we sent her back up to bed. Then I woke up at 7:30 with a horrible dream that left me wide awake and praying HUGE walls of protection around each of our kids. I don't understand why we dream the things we do. I used to think we would dream about what we were last thinking about before we fell asleep but don't think that is the case. There has to be another explanation considering I woke up from anesthesia one time asking for Steve from Blues Clues...thankfully the nurse, and Big Daddy had a sense of humor when she got him from the waiting room and realized he wasn't Steve!

So, are dreams a prompt to pray? To teach? To change the future? I have no idea. I chose this morning to talk long and hard with the kids about safety in parking lots...and maybe it will prevent something horrible from happening in real life. Who knows? Maybe my crazy dream was a merely a warning to lay off the Nyquil ;)

Oddly, P came down this morning about 8:15 and asked if I was calling her or it was just in her dream. I wasn't calling her...but had been in MY dream earlier. Hmmm.....

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  1. That's funny that she heard you calling her. I hate having bad dreams about my children. It's so hard to shake them, but I suppose in a way it's good because it makes us realize how lucky we are to have them and be more appreciative of them.


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