Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got soap?

When I was putting him to bed last night, Terrific T asked me if we could get some more soap for their bathroom. Ummm...sure...I didn't know it was empty. I took the container and told him I would refill it. He came down a little later asking WHEN I was going to refill it. Well, Mr. Impatient, I planned on doing it...sometime. He wanted me to do it right then so he didn't have to come downstairs to pee during the night. I told him it would be okay if he didn't wash his hand until morning. His response? "I would rather pee in my pants than not be able to wash my hands!"

Ok, where is the logic there? I mean really, he's almost 8....and a boy. I'm a tad bit concerned with that response.

I told him to take the one from the downstairs bathroom and I would refill this later. He was ok with that and I am thankful he didn't have to pee in his pants last night.

*shakes head*


  1. Well at least he likes to wash his hands?! I think that sounds like a funny momment. It is in momments like that I want to giggle so badly and have to wait until later so my little one doesn't misunderstand!

    ((in response to blogger making you pay...after they say you have used all of your free storage you won't be able to upload any more pictures until you pay $5 for a year of storage....my mom had to do it so I think it is okay..?? who knows!))

  2. Be thankful he's learned the importance of washing his hands! I was having this conversation with a male friend of mine yesterday after he watched every single guy at the urinals walk out without washing their hands. I.Don't.Get.It.



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