Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Or so the saying goes. Last night, I counted my chickens too early...and was disappointed. I worked all day and was pooped last night. I went to be at 9:45 and even bragged to Big Daddy that I was going to fall asleep by 10 and sleep 'til 7...getting 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Oh I was going to be so rested this morning. *cluck, cluck, cluck*

Hello, 1am. I am awoken by a sound. If you are like me, when a sound wakes you up, you freeze.....and wait for it to happen again so you can figure out what it was. Maybe I am alone here and you blissfully go back to sleep. Anyway, this "wake up sound" sounded a little like someone I froze and waited. Didn't hear it again, but did hear a flush. Then about 5 minutes later, another flush. UGH. Then Terrifis T coming in telling me he did, indeed, just puke and then ran in to do it again in our bathroom. Bummer :( He wasn't warm or anything, just throwing up. All the boys ate the same thing last night and they were not sure what the problem was. He does this about every 6 months (used to be every 3-4 months)...throws up overnight and then is fine after that. And no one else ever gets it when it is like this. So odd!

So, he and I are staying home today and I let P sleep in too because last night, when I told her it was church tomorrow, she started whining that she didn't want to go. This morning, she just woke up while I was writing this and asked where Daddy and C were. I told her church and she started bawling that she didn't get to go with them. I can't win here! So thanks to hulu, Terrific T is watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" in my bed and P is whining that she missed church but getting sucked into the movie too. I'm going to listen to last week's service today, since we were in the nursery all day last Sunday and missed it. It is a great series right now and I don't want to miss out...I'll have to get the CD again for today.

But on a good note (this is for you, Miss Anon, who LOVES to hear about my bargains!!).....I found a cute dress for P for her Christmas program and choir performance on ebay this weekend. I found another dress by the same seller that I liked too, just for a normal dress but forgot to bid on them before they closed - I really need a secretary for these important things! The lady relisted and I emailed her and asked if she would end them early for me so I didn't have to wait another week. She did and I won them both. I went to pay and had received a Big Fat Payment from ebates into my paypal account this week so the two dressed ended up only costing me $3.03 total. Have I mentioned how happy a bargain makes me?  :o) I hope they fit!


  1. I think it's Murphy's Law. Never say t outloud, just think it in your head. I can't tell you how many times I get woken up in the middle of the night. And yes, I freeze and wait for it again. The worst sound in the world is the "puking" sound. That one sends chills up my spine. Well, that and the sound of a car crash. The one that sends me running in fear is the "puking" sound of someone who is not in the bathroom though, now that is a sound to be feared.

  2. Thankfully (?), T gets this enough that he almost always makes it to the bathroom. The time before this he didn't and I was gagging and almost puked too when I started to clean it up. Had to send Big Daddy in to do it.

  3. Hope he's feeling better and P is recovering from missing church! Daniel missed you, but said he tried to keep everything in order for you! :-) Hope you will all be better tomorrow for CC.

  4. I'm sorry that you little one got sick and that you had super mom duty last night!!!

    Maybe you'll get a really good night of sleep tonight!!

    PS I love Hulu and watching Donna Reed :O)

  5. Poor t. I need to get the scoop on depositing the ebates into paypal though. I already carry that thing around forever until i finally remember to take it to bank.

  6. Hope he's feeling better soon!
    I hate when I miss out on something through ebay too. I'm horrible about putting things on my watch list to think it over and then totally forgetting about them.


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