Saturday, October 23, 2010

thank you, swagbucks

It truly makes me happy to get a bargain. I am slightly obsessed with finding the best deal on things, which sometimes paralyzes me where I don't buy anything (which I'm sure Big Daddy appreciates). Tricky T has been wanting to learn to play piano. I figure that I can teach him the basics to make sure it is something that does interest him, and then he can take lessons for real. I have been searching for the perfect keyboard for months (I don't want a real piano unless he gets serious). We have talked to several people, who are so helpful, but I just can't commit to one without making sure I have checked every corner of the earth for a better deal on the perfect one. My friend is letting us borrow hers for a bit to make sure T even likes playing, so next up was the books. I knew what I wanted but again, I wanted to find a deal. Well...I just got a deal! I bought them on and they happened to be buy 3 get 1 free right now and free shipping on $25. It came to $26 for the 4 books so I got the free shipping. Then they adjusted for the free book, making it $20. Then I had $15 in swagbucks that I used, making it $5 shipped for 4 books. I am a happy chic right now!

This was my first time to cash in any swagbucks...for real, folks, that is the easiest money ever! DO IT! I'm going to keep building it up for Christmas. I always search things through swagbucks instead of google and get points everyday for that. Super easy!


  1. I just joined. I think I only have 76 points right now, but it's fun to use!

    You got a great deal!

  2. You'll have to explain this to me next time I see you. FYI we loooooooove our piano teacher. She lives at 106th and Garnett and she teaches guitar too.

  3. I have never used swagbucks before. Maybe I will just have to try it since it actually works!!

  4. I love swagbucks! So far I've cashed in for amazon gift cards 32 times!

  5. Awesome, Lana. I am still new...but have done it 4 times and LOVE free money :)


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