Sunday, October 10, 2010


Big Daddy's Mamaw is about to move out of her home and is cleaning out some old things. The kids went down yesterday and they asked them if they would like any of it. Oh man. My kids love "things"....collections of anything are cool to them. They came home with some very cool collections. I usually urge them to limit their collections but I love things that have meaning or belonged to our grandparents, so I'll let them keep most of this stuff. Princess P got a few different pieces of jewelry, which I loved. She picked out 3 clip on earrings...3 different earrings. She thought they clipped on clothes so didn't take the matching pair to each. We'll have to call them and ask them to set them aside for her for our next visit ;) Today, she got ready for church and I noticed that this pin would match her outfit so we added it in. It matched perfectly :)

Captain C picked out some keychains (most of these really were generic but a few were keepers!) and pocket knives that he and T split. I think these are pretty cool. They both love pocket knives and knowing they were papaw's makes these special.

Which leaves TerrificT. Not sure if you have noticed, but T marches to his own drummer sometimes. He picked out Papaw's old glasses, various broken watches (one that works...he likes that!), and an old Gideon Bible. After Papaw passed away (before the kids were born), Big Daddy was given his suits. Each one had at least one of these little New Testaments in it. When T was little, he carried these everywhere. Kind of fitting that he got a new one. He wore out his old one from loving on it so much!

These are some very special treasures that they will cherish forever.


  1. That is a precious post. I love all of the items they picked out. I love collections of "stuff" too, and I do try to limit myself, but I'm a sucker when it is something passed down from a family member. I know your kids will treasure all of their new things! :)

  2. I am so happy that the kids got all of these very special treasures. Priceless!


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