Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear God. From T.

Terrific T was throwing a bit of a fit today over having to do math. I told him he could throw his fit downstairs but not to come back up (where C and P were doing school), until he was done. A few minutes later, Wondermutt comes in with a napkin hanging out of her collar. It said, "Mom. Can you please help me?" Nice. If I thought he really needed any help, I would have...but he didn't...and I didn't. He then started throwing paper airplanes up the stairs with the same plea. So hard to not just go help him...but again, he really didn't need any help so I stayed strong. No idea where he gets his stubbornness from ;) I came downstairs about 20 minutes later and he was done (and had made 100% on it) and showed me a note. He said when I wouldn't come help, he wrote a note to God instead...and He helped! His note said:

"To God. From {Terrific T}. I pray to you, Lord God. Please hear my prayer. Please Lord God, please help me do my math. Please Lord God and every other school thing too. Please Lord God. Thank you for Jesus. Amen."

I'm not going to lie, that brought a tear or two to my eyes. I'm so glad my kids know Who to turn to when they need help....even when their parents don't think they need help.


  1. That is wonderful and brought a tear to my eyes!!! Love you Tricky T ...
    Pop & Mimi

  2. Very sweet. You are obviously doing a wonderful job. You have beautiful/wonderful/smart/faithful children!


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