Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confession time...

Nothing puts me to sleep quite like listening to one of the kids read. It is brutal! I need to record them to play at night when I am having trouble nodding off. Terrific T used to ask if I wanted him to read to me when I would be trying to nap and I swear I never made it past the first two pages. If it is school, I try to be the one reading, so the kids don't get smarter than me ;) However, today Captain C was finishing up reading a book on Shakespeare to us. [side note for my homeschool friends: It is cheaper through the Usborne site but I couldn't get it to link directly to it. This whole series is awesome. We have read several for school already this year and have a few more to go. I wish I had bought them all!] Anyway, while C was reading, T and I laid on the couch in the school room to listen and I woke up when C asked if he could go play on the computer. Oops. Totally missed the last chapter and apparently I wasn't the only one ;o)


  1. Osmossis? Subconscious? If there reading was really bad, you probably couldn't sleep, so they must be doing really well!

  2. That must have been some good sleep!!!


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