Sunday, October 3, 2010


My schedule is way too packed these days. I honestly am not sure how I am going to survive the next week month, but am going to cling to Phil. 4:13 and believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That being said.....I'm tired!
Yesterday, we had to be in the next town over at 10am for C's football game, then back over there at 3:30 for an awesome birthday party, followed by a short portrait party (6 families in 2 hours). By the time I picked up dinner for the fam and was home, it was 8pm. I was pooped. I went to bed about 10 and crashed hard...until 5am, when we woke to something beeping. It sounded like an alarm clock just beep, beep, beeping constantly. Big Daddy got up and looked around and stepped outside and realized that it was coming from outside. ARGH. How rude for someone to be beeping and wake us up. We turned on the vent in the bathroom to drown out the noise and went back to sleep for 2 more hours. When we got up, it was still going strong. Seriously, what the heck? We were all getting ready for church and Big Daddy went outside to look around in the day light and comes ready for this?...with the smoke detector from the motorhome! I am not even kidding. The batteries had died in that stupid thing and we could hear it beep, beep, beeping inside our house! I am praying that our neighbors happened to be out of town (I know it is a stretch that they would ALL be out of town but I am still praying that). How embarrassing (and annoying)! Why don't these things happen at 5pm and not 5am?
As soon as Amazing Race is over tonight, I'm heading back to bed. I have got to be rested for tomorrow....CC and then seeing Third Day at the fair - woohoo!


  1. I can barely get Boyd out of the door 2 days a week when he has Mother's Day Out. I don't know how you do it all?! I bet you are wiped out! I hope you get some good sleep when you can!

    Ok. The smoke alarm story made me laugh. That has happened to us as well with the ones in our house. It's ALWAYS in the middle of the night.

  2. Too bad that the mother/daughter got eliminated. Who are you rootin for?
    You're lucky your neighbors didn't take care of that alarm for you.

  3. Argh, that stinks that you all were the cause of the noise! I hope your neighbors didn't get too mad. I can't believe you could hear that all the way in the house.


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