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Review: Motivated Moms {chore schedule}

Motivated Moms Review
I was super excited to get to do a review for Motivated Moms as I have heard about their "chore charts" for years. I had downloaded their free version of their app a few months ago so knew I liked the system, but wanted to learn more. For this review, I was graciously sent my choice of any of their Motivated Moms Ebooks. There are 16 different designs to choose from and I choose the full page chore planner with Bible readings.

I can do a lot of things, but for some reason keeping a clean house eludes me. I've tried several other systems but always fail. Maybe it's the creative side of me, but with Big Daddy traveling more, I needed some major help around here.

Enter Motivated Moms. This is brilliant. It essentially takes the list making out of list making! They have broken down all the things that need to be done around the house and listed them as chores and tasks. Chores are things that need to be done daily and tasks are those extra things that if you don't do them, add up, but you don't notice until you are behind on them. Dishes we can see that they need to be done daily, but things like cleaning the top shelf of the fridge get missed until you can't take it anymore...or are having guests come stay... or DHS pops by the house.

Motivated Moms Review

I received a PDF of 2014 with one full page per week. It is 55 pages long and includes a blank menu plan at the end. I have been printing the weeks off, a few weeks at a time, and putting them on the fridge where I can't miss it each day! I've heard of others printing them all up and binding them or putting them in a folder, but with my luck (and organization), I'd end up losing the binder. haha. I can't lose the fridge! You could also save printing and just view them on your computer or ipad (save them to dropbox or something like that first) but then you couldn't mark them off.  I also chose the one with daily Bible readings on it. It follows the "read the Bible in a year" method and breaks it down day by day. I was doing great with that for the first few weeks, then got behind. Now I use one of the blank lines on the chore list and just mark off after I've read anything in the Bible...not the assigned readings.

The daily chores are basically the things needed to keep the house running smoothly: make beds, feed pets, cook, laundry, trash out, etc. These are the basics that are the same week after week.

The tasks run the gamut of dusting your fans, room by room, to cleaning out your purse and restocking toilet paper. These are just little things, that don't take very long to do each day, but help you get ahead in your housework and not just stay afloat. The thing I love about these is if you miss one, it's ok. If you miss a whole day, it's ok. They will come back up in a few week or months, depending on the task. Clipping the kids nails and changing bathroom towels come up weekly but some others aren't needed that often. Motivated Moms really took the thinking out of cleaning!

I love that the tasks change each day so we don't get bored or forgetful. I also love that this is dated so if we miss a day, we pick up the next day. Or if we miss 4 or 5 days, we pick up then too (rough month, guys!). The dates keep us moving along and not getting stuck.

Instead of assigning the tasks to the kids, I like to let them pick which one they want. First one done with school gets to pick first (bribe? whatever).  They can also pick one from any day of the week. It doesn't matter to me who does what or when, as long as it gets done!

There were some chores/tasks listed that didn't relate to us. I would love to see this as an editable document so we could add and take away things to personalize it for our family. This chore system is designed for moms, but I would LOVE if they came out with a kid's one too. *hint, hint*

The planners are very reasonably priced at $8 for the year's ebook. I think this is totally worth the cost to not have to think through what needs to be done and for the kids to have a concrete list sitting there to use.

Have you used Motivated Moms before? The app or ebook? Or how do you keep up with daily and weekly housekeeping? If you are just naturally neat, please stick around and rub off on me, but know that I'm secretly cursing you right now. ;o)

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